October 20, 2015


More information:    Campaign Manager, Megan Howard

Surovell nears election with a strong fundraising advantage

Mt. Vernon, VA. Delegate Scott Surovell announced today that he outraised his opponent Mayor Jerry Foreman during the September reporting period of the 2015 campaign cycle. Surovell pulled in a total of $92,800 in one month according to the Virginia Public Access Project. During the same period, Foreman raised just $8,990.


Data reported by the two campaigns shows Surovell with $70,565 still in the bank after spending $135,765 communicating with voters. Foreman has $11,091 in the bank, including an additional $350 loan from himself. In total, Foreman has loaned his own campaign $20,560, which is about 25% of the total cash he has raised. He has not repaid any of it and continues to carry all of it.


Surovell's campaign reported that his donations came from a wide array of supporters. A total of 196 donations went to Surovell's campaign in just the last month, meaning he averaged about seven contributions a day. A majority of Surovell's donations came from supporters who have given less than $100 this year. Two thirds of Foreman's donations came from large donors.


Foreman's third largest donor - the Potomac Landfill - has given his campaign $4,150, nearly 10% of Foreman's total monetary contributions. The landfill was recently ordered by state environmental regulators to reduce its height. The landfill is also in negotiations to expand with the town of Dumfries - where Foreman is the mayor.


Surovell said he was focused on making the case for his candidacy to voters. "With only two weeks left until polls are closed, I'm glad that the momentum is swinging our way and that we have such a broad base of support. This election is crucially important to putting Fairfax, Prince William, and Stafford counties on the right track. That means expanding Medicaid to create jobs in our region, revitalizing Route 1, and extending Metro," Surovell said.


Surovell is the Democratic nominee for the 36th District and is a lifelong resident of the district where he lives with his wife and four children. He is currently serving his third term in the House of Delegates. This year's election will be held on Tuesday, November 3.