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Released on September 14, 2009

Mt. Vernon resident Scott Surovell, candidate for the House of Delegates in the 44th District, today unveiled his plan for cutting unnecessary government spending. Using technology and innovative tools, Surovell offers four ways to streamline government expenditures and save taxpayers money. 

"Northern Virginia is home to some of the most creative technology workers in the United States," said Surovell. "We need to use Northern Virginia's government technology community to innovate ways that we can streamline state government and reduce manpower needs in the age of the Internet."

Surovell proposes transitioning Virginia's Courts to electronic filing systems to eliminate the need to send paper filings to Virginia's courthouses. “Electronic filing saves time, money, energy and paper given that all of the steps associated with creating and filing the pleading are eliminated,” Surovell said. Surovell notes that electronic filing will offer staffing efficiencies and save money for taxpayers in Northern Virginia, which has the heaviest caseload in the Commonwealth.

Surovell also proposes electronic summons information by police in their cars. Currently, summonses are entered by hand which results in significant additional full-time staff. Surovell argues that a pilot program is set in Fairfax County, but that its implementation is on hold due to lack of funding. Surovell notes that the program will “put Fairfax County’s 1,400 officers and our local state troopers on the streets instead of making deliveries to the courthouse.” 

Throughout the campaign, Surovell has also contended that seniors should live independently in their homes with dignity whenever possible. He points to studies that show cost savings to taxpayers approaching 40 percent. He proposes providing grants to community organizations such as Mount Vernon At Home (www.mountvernonathome.org) which support seniors daily living needs in the home. 

Finally, Surovell proposes that the Virginia Department of Transporation transition to expanding natural landscaping and native plants along Virginia’s roads to further minimize mowing and maintenance expenses to free up additional resources for construction. "Virginia law requires the Transportation Trust Fund to pay for maintenance first and construction last. The long-term reduction of mowing expenses will help to get traffic moving in Northern Virginia,"said Surovell. 


For more information on Scott Surovell and his cost-saving plan, visit www.surovell2009.com or call his campaign office at (703) 341-6149